b'TORREFIED DOORS, THE SOLUTION YOUVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!Every one wants the best look for their home and a beautiful front door can make a huge20difference in curb appeal. Many doors are chosen based on an overhang requirement or the direction they are facing, but every home is built differently and faces a different direction. Thats where Torrefied doors come inthere is no overhang requirement and they canyearwithstand direct sunlight without damage! Now homeowners can have the exterior wood door they want in any application around their home. L I M I T E DBuilt to withstand the most severe conditions, every door has a 20- W A R R A N T Yyear guarantee against warping, twisting, rotting, and delamination. Thickness: 1-3/4Maximum Width: 4-0Maximum Height: 8-030'