b'If You Stain: North or East X = 1/2 YA wood conditioner is highly recommended to give you anSouth or West X = Yeven stain and to help control variances in the color of theWhere X is the length of the overhang required and Y is stained product. It is not recommended to use stainsthe distance from the bottom of the door to the base of the containing polyurethane. overhang. Apply stain to all 6 sides. Once the stain is completely dryTorrefied exterior doors do not require an overhang. If your apply a minimum of 2 coats (maximum 4 coats) of spardoor location does not allow the proper overhang please varnish or spar urethane. If the finish is sprayed on, it isselect a door from one of our Torrefied wood species.the responsibility if the finisher to make sure that all gaps between the sticking and the panel/glass are filled with no voids. The warranty is considered void if all 6 sides have not been finished properly.EXTERIOR DOORSA minimum of 2 coats (maximum 4 coats) of a marine grade varnish or paint must be applied to the top and bottom of exterior doors or an approved sealant tape to the bottom of the door under the door sweep. A minimum of 2 coats of paint or solvent base varnish must be applied to all other surfaces.MAINTENANCE FINISHING SOLUTIONSLike furniture, your door requires simple, periodic maintenance in order to keep it looking fresh, operating properly and well protected against the elements. There is not a set schedule for door maintenance. Your local climate,Prep your Torrefied door as mentioned above and finish as quality of the finish, and exposure dictate how oftenfollows: For hinge and hardware preparation you must maintenance is required. pre-drill holes to avoid splitting the wood. The use of sharp Here are a few tell-tale signs that maintenance is required: bits and blades is recommended as Torrefied wood is much Hairline cracks in the finish more dense then standard veneered wood doors.Changes in the color of the finish When painting a Torrefied product it is recommended that you have the door primed at the factory. If you choose to Flaking or scaling of the finish prime the product yourself, it is recommended to use Dullness or chalkiness of the finish Benjamin Moore Fresh Start All-Purpose Primer orequivalent.EXPOSURE Torrefied doors with no overhang must have a cap bead of Standard exterior wood doors must be protected from theclear silicone applied around the perimeter of the glass and/elements. Sun, rain and snow can break down the finish onor panels on the exterior side or water leakage may occur in your door and cause performance issues. Here are therainy high wind conditions.industry standards of the required overhang of a woodWhen clear coating or sealing Torrefied products, Masonite exterior door. If your door faces north or east the minimumrecommends a clear coat or sealer with a high UV blocker. required overhang is equal to one half of the distance fromThese products greatly protect your Torrefied door from color the sill to the overhang. If your door faces south or west thechanges and surfaces exposed to high levels of Ultra Violet minimum overhang requirement is equal to the distance fromradiation from the sun. Two examples of these types of the sill to the overhang.finishes are Ultra Premium Red Label Penofin Clear andSee illustration. Sikkens Cetol WB SRD (from Azko Nobel).35'